Jenna Jameson Net Worth: Earnings and Assets

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On April 9, 1974, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jenna Marie Massoli was given the name Jenna Jameson. When Jenna was very young, her mother, a Las Vegas showgirl, died of melanoma. Her family relocated to Montana and Arizona. She participated in beauty pageants frequently as a child while also living part-time with her grandma. She studied ballet throughout her youth as well. Jameson started using drugs in high school and over the course of four years of hard drug use, he became addicted. After completing her education at Bonanza High School, she briefly worked at Disneyland Resort. Within six months of starting his career at the Crazy Horse Too strip club, Jameson was earning $2000 per night. She began her dancing career under the name Jennasis. She started appearing for naked photos in 1991 in an effort to get into Penthouse.

In 1993, Jameson made her acting debut in Andrew Blake’s non-explicit soft core flick. She attracted attention rapidly and started to appear in various pornographic movies in the Las Vegas region. She spent several weeks at home with her father and grandmother in 1994, which helped her kick her drug addiction. She subsequently moved to Los Angeles where she shared a residence with Nikki Tyler, another adult actress who she was seeing at the time. In 1995, Wicked Pictures, a little adult film production company, signed Jenna to an exclusive deal. For the first year of the contract, she received $6,000 for each of the eight films.

Jenna and her then-boyfriend, Jay Grdina, who would later become her husband, started ClubJenna, an online adult business, in 2000. It was among the first of its sort to include blogs, relationship advice, and stock tips in addition to images and videos. In the early ClubJenna movies, Jenna starred, but by 2004, she had stepped aside and allowed others to play the leading roles.

Videos of Jameson with other ladies OR Jameson and Grdina were directly sold on the website. In the end, the company expanded to employ 18 employees who created content, merchandising, DVDs, and handled online traffic for numerous well-known adult domains. The business reportedly brought in $5 to $15 million annually at its height. Inc. for an unknown $25–50 million price.

Later, Jim Grdina, Jay’s brother, sued Jay and Jenna on the grounds that he was an investor in ClubJenna and hadn’t received his fair portion of the sale’s revenues. In addition, he sued each of them separately for a $250,000 loan given to them in 2003 that was intended to help them buy Penthouse Magazine. After the bid fell through, the brother claimed he had only received half of his investment back. Moreover, the brother asserted that he had given the couple a $275,000 loan in 2006, which was never repaid.

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